Ideevolutie is a cleantech company specialized in the development of sustainable energy technology such as hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The scientists and engineers of Ideevolutie have a long experience in developing innovative hydrogen and fuel cell products such as PEM fuel cell systems for stationary and mobility applications, electrochemical hydrogen compression systems and high pressure hydrogen storage. Currently the company is developing cutting edge hydrogen production technology based on the electrolysis of water.

Ideevolutie envisions a future where renewable energy technology has become an integrated part of day-to-day life. Decentralized small scale renewable power generation, storage, and trade will shift traditional consumer orientated markets towards more proactive prosumer markets. The onsite production (and utilization) of hydrogen is identified as one of the key enabling technologies of our future energy system.

Ideevolutie’s mission is to enable and facilitate the large scale implementation of hydrogen technology for residential and mobility applications. The company is focused on developing innovative hydrogen solutions for a sustainable energy system.