Ideevolutie develops innovative hydrogen technology. The company’s lead product is a family of on-site hydrogen generators based on polymer electrolyte membrane technology, which can be installed and coupled to renewable energy sources at the users’ site.

Typical applications for these hydrogen generators include residential µCHP (combined heat and power), hydrogen home refuelling systems, telecom back up power systems and life support systems for military and space applications.

Decentralised production of hydrogen overcomes the necessity to supply hydrogen by e.g. gas cylinders or tube trailers, significantly reducing costs and CO2-emissions associated with transport. Furthermore on-site production of H2 enables the conversion of intermittent renewable energy.

Ideevolutie has realised innovative low cost and high efficiency electrolysis technology. The modular and multi-versatile design of the technology enables facile integration into renewable energy systems. Flow, discharge pressure and operating temperature can be tuned in order to comply with the specifications of the application.

Whether it is a turn-key system or a flexible OEM electrolyser stack platform, feel free to inquire about the possibilities Ideevolutie can offer.